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Instagram Coordinator | Social Media Assistant

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About the Role

Duties |
- Responsible for completing ones own work/assignments.
- Be able to work alongside other members of Team Mystic with a good attitude.
- Be able to post a minimum of 4 Instagram Posts, Stories, Highlights, etc. Not all posts will be required to be organic- many can be duplicated or recreated from other Team Mystic socials.
- Have an understanding of how to use & post on Instagram.
- Have a basic understanding of Esports and gaming.
- Be willing to engage with our audience on Instagram.
- Be willing to adapt to trends.
- Be able to address Content Creators, Team Mystic Esports teams, and Tournament Organizers to acquire content.
- Be willing to brainstorm your own creative content ideas.
- Able to make ones own Memes (Any meme generator you prefer)

Estimated Time Commitment : [<60 minutes/weekly]

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